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VISITORS to the Logfest day last Saturday were given a “tree to fire” tour of how their fuel is sourced, processed, and delivered. Logs Direct hosted the event. Consumers were invited to their HQ at Woodlands Farm near Lancaster to see where their fuel comes from (and take advantage of some excellent offers).

Burnright were asked to attend and we were lucky enough to get local chimney sweep Steven Howard to represent us for the day. Steven is well known in the trade for his vast knowledge, training expertise and endless enthusiasm. Steven said “It was a really lovely day. The weather was perfect and there was a steady stream of people keen to see the operation and learn more about where their wood comes from and how to best use it at home. I was able to spend a few minutes with most visitors and point them toward the Burnright campaign information. They were interested to learn how easy it is to burn more efficiently and reduce pollution.”

Steven added ” It was also great to meet a senior “off duty” Defra air quality official who attended the event in an informal capacity. I think she was very pleased with her Burnright brochure.”

Steven was interviewed by local radio station, Beyond Radio so hopefully the campaign has reached even more people in the Lancaster area.

David Sudworth from the Burnright campaign said “It’s great to have the campaign spreading out like this, it’s exactly what we’d hoped for. We are getting weekly reports now of sweeps and others attending fairs and shows around the country. They are using the Burnright material to promote their business and their professionalism. It’s working!”