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WILKINS is the most successful UK chimney sweep franchise company. Good training, a great image and a culture of support and encouragement all go to serve the franchise owners very well and Burnright was very pleased to be able to give a presentation at their recent annual conference.

Lawson Wight from the Burnright campaign said “The Wilkins sweeps have already been through a process of business evaluation and planning when they bought their franchise so we knew they would be a discerning audience. We set them a few “homework” tasks before the conference day to get everyone up to speed with the campaign. This allowed more time to cover useful business areas like customer benefits and more on what to do and how to do it.”

Wilkins operations manager Richard Bryan said “The Burnright presentation went down fantastically well. All the feedback I received from the sweeps that were present was really positive.”

Lawson added “The Wilkins sweeps were great to talk to. You can tell from the question and answer session that they really know their stuff. Good chimney sweeping is all about good service and hopefully they all have a little more to impress their customers with.”

To cap off a really nice morning the company made a generous donation to the Burnright campaign. Thank you Wilkins.