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Stoves and open fires are becoming increasingly popular again in the UK. After years of going out of fashion, solid fuel fires are back, because there is nothing quite like the roar of a ‘real’ fire in your home.

A few generations ago, almost every home had a ‘real’ fire, so people grew up knowing how to get the best out of them. With the advent of gas, that ‘link’ with the past was broken, and there are now people in their 40s and under who have never had one in their home.

Consequently, most people who have a solid fuel appliance installed are left to their own devices. Some can carry on quite happily for years, until they realise their is a problem. More often not, the issue relates to what they are burning or how they are burning it.

That’s where we come in. Burn Right was set up by a group of industry professionals who want to give you – the consumer – advice at your fingertips.

By learning to Burn Right, it not only helps stop pollution, therefore protecting the environment, but it could save you hundred of pounds a year.

We hope you enjoy this site. By working together, we can help you ensure that you Burn Right

One thought on "Welcome To Burn Right"

  1. Roger Steel says:

    Heard your spokesman on my local BBC Radio Nottingham today (well done).
    Read your advice – Q? How does the ‘shape’ of the logs affect performance; does this mean that all logs need to be split, even small diameter say 75/100mm or less, even if less than 20{8dbbe92a7f649a2159ffdbfb20008f27be9a273bf3f9d85ee7c38dc1f57e9925} moisture content?
    And, can these smaller diameters be cut longer to fit the firebox size?
    I have a lot of wood to cut!

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