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Wood as Fuel – Sweeps information
View / Download the document – to help understand what happens when wood burns and in particular, what happens when the burning temperature is too low.
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This handy guide helps you get the best from our press releases. Please let us know if you get published and we’ll share your story on the site.


Government Statements/Press Releases / Statistics

Emissions of air pollutants in the UK, 1970 to 2020 (published 2022)

Burning in UK Homes and Gardens – Defra / Kantar Final Report: 14972_Finalreport-BurninginUKhomesandgardens (1)

Clean Air Strategy Jan 2019 – The 38% particulates from burning on domestic fires in this document is now proven FALSE. The true figure is less than half this.

Clean Air Strategy – Summary of Responses to the consultation Jan 2019

Emissions of air pollutants in the UK, 1970 TO 2016 Feb 2018

Call for evidence to help improve air quality launched (30 Jan 2018)

Call for Evidence – Domestic Burning of House Coal, Smokeless Coal, Manufactured Solid Fuel and Wet Wood (30 Jan 2018)

Call for Evidence – background documentation (30 Jan 2018)

Press Articles of Interest

Wood burning stoves only produce HALF the pollution we were told!

Statistics – Fact or Fiction. Where do pollution numbers come from? Item begins 18m 20sec in to this broadcast – (BBC Radio 4 “More or Less” 8th Feb 2019)

Is your wood stove choking you? How indoor fires are suffocating cities (Guardian website, 22 Feb 2018)

Air pollution: UK government loses third court case as plans ruled ‘unlawful’ (Guardian website, 21 Feb 2018)

Are woodburners and stoves next in line for air pollution crackdown? (Business Green website, 31 Jan 2018)

Pollutionwatch: log fires are cosy, but their days may be numbered (Guardian website, 8 Oct 2017)

Air pollution: Sadiq Khan calls for ban on wood-burning stoves (Guardian website 29 Sep 2017)

Wood-burning stove ban will not be enforced against householders (Guardian website 29 Sept 2017)

Now wood burning stoves could be banned by radical new laws aiming to reduce air pollution in urban areas (Daily Mail website, 29 Sept 2017)

Is my wood burning stove really killing me? What happened when I monitored my exposure to pollution (Telegraph website, 28 Feb 2016)

Trade Press Articles

The solid fuel stove emissions controversy continues. Particulate emissions past, present future? (Page 28, Fireplace Specialist Jan/Feb 2018)

Emissions Downturn. Are particulate emissions rising or falling? (P16 Fires and Fireplaces March 2018)

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